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tv   News Weekly  RT  July 20, 2014 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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mission to teach me. today's news on the week's top stories here. even before the probe. and investigation is ongoing into one of the. metro. rail during the morning rush hour.
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locals describing the. three hundred forty. stories of the week to day. flowers laid upon the dead and the scattered remains of two hundred ninety eight people these scenes from the site of this week's tragic crash of a malaysian passenger jet in east ukraine eighty of those on board the airliner what children russia and the un have urged for an international investigation and a team of observers arrived at the site on friday. reports local self-proclaimed or thora to say international involvement has been very slow in coming situation here
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and the plane crash site is certainly a different from what we encountered say in the first and the second day the area is now cordoned off by plainclothes militia i imagine and the bodies of the victims on the bodies have been taken away for the self-defense forces and control of this area say they've made several appeals to the international community to get it seem of the experts here as soon as possible sense of urgency is boosted by this sweltering heat here it's some thirty degrees and the bodies of the victims are starting to decompose rapidly through seem to do so when we want a comprehensive and objective investigation but we don't feel like there's enthusiasm among the international community in experts several dozen experts who are currently in kiev we're asking them please come here faster we are surprised
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and frankly angered that we have to keep the area untouched all we've been waiting for them for so long meanwhile kiev has already rushed queues the end to government forces of meddling with the crash scene here. the pro russian fighters are not allowing investigators to collect and transfer the evidence they're also not letting the search and rescue leave the area the groups are currently working under the threat of armed force. since then claimed republics have said they will guarantee the safety of international experts but for now the only international group to make it to the scene of the crash is their organization for security and cooperation in europe the always see but it seems that right now they can do a little but stand by and watch although there is very little as we've reported there's very little security on the perimeter of the cross site we did notice that when he arrived today there was a cordon of armed security personnel both sides of the road when the process was
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basically as follow is that people go out of the body the photographic video way and then the body is placed on the back and put beside the roadway is a brief from the plane is screwed over it's once a kilometer radius which is likely to slow down the investigation and that large area is right in the middle of the conflict zone all this means that a clear analysis of how this plane came to crash in the field in eastern ukraine is unlikely to come see if indeed it comes at all and that is a heavy burden for many of the relatives of the victims who plan to come here to the scene of the disaster from on costs or of hard sci eastern ukraine let's take a look at the chronology of the events in the run up to the crash it was thursday july seventeenth twelve fifteen pm local time the plane left kuala lumpur for twenty one pm ukrainian time radio radar contact lost with the flight within one hour of the crash site was located though there were no survivors there by eight pm
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both kiev and anti government troops had denied shooting down the plane instead pinning the blame on each other and the process of identifying the victims began ultimately leaving malaysian airlines and off the job to notify hundreds of grief stricken relatives and even those who witnessed the crash and a total state of shock. you solution rule could you that i heard terrible noise i went out first and then my has been time oh well the woman fell to the ground right after i ran out i was in shock i couldn't go further than my yard but it's a soon as we went out of the house we saw a body lying nearby it must have fallen from a very high altitude now you can smell the odor over here there are no words to describe it and finally we were swimming and we heard three distinct shots actually not sure it's more like explosions and then we saw the played falling its wing was falling off and then we saw
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a black smoke and that's all the earth additional or yes first i didn't notice anything my son went out and said mom there's a body in the kitchen and there was plastered everywhere i saw it was just a pile of rubbish but then i understood it was a human body without a leg and with arms twisted and broken it's a murder a real murder or let's bring up a list of the nationalities of those on board the ill fated aircraft the majority of the passengers one hundred ninety three were dutch forty three victims including all crew members malaysian twenty seven australians and nationals from britain germany the philippines and indonesia the plane crash is one of the biggest ever more than tragedies for the netherlands and that's where artie's praeter all over now reports from. the devastating news no one expects to hear. malaysian boeing airline has been reportedly downed based on a loiters and interfax
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a malaysian airlines flight with about two hundred ninety five people on board has crashed grief spills over as family and friends of those on board m h seventeen make it to the airport in amsterdam at the scene of the crash passports strewn among the carnage each one a painful reminder of a person who died and each of those people leave behind friends and family it's in small communities like this one that have been directly affected that the real human tragedy becomes clear neil tall and her partner course children were on the flight outside the flower shop they owned floral tributes pile up those who saw them day on day a left stunned we couldn't believe what's happened. rumors spread quickly on facebook in the morning to see outside the nose of a flower. then you know it's it happened for real in the shop window a sign for the postman drop the mail off next door we're on holiday there were very
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lovely people and. you know i did want to just to just enjoy a holiday for two weeks and come back and say to pick up the post and i had a great holiday before stepping on the plane shoulder posted this message on facebook it's understood and is told had been uneasy about the flight following the disappearance of a malaysian airlines jet early at this year. family members stand sobbing in front of a book of condolences they told me they just can't bring themselves to speak on camera it's not only those who lost relatives in the tragedy who are grieving the netherlands is in a state of disbelief following the deaths of nearly two hundred of its citizens in the disaster we were all shocked and they're very much. because especially for me. it's really. strange because my father and mother have been
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on the this same flight many times. from the it's so shocking so many dutch people were on that plane this tragedy has affected our song. think about it's not realistic people just the public airplane taking it out in this small country of only seventeen million people it seems nearly everyone has been touched in some way by this the worst disaster to affect the country in its recent history teacher all of our party netherlands. for malaysian airlines the plane crash of m h one seven is the second disaster in less than five months it was march that flight three seventy disappeared on his way to beijing and both cases of certainly left a lot more questions than answers artie's elected a shift in our reporting from kuala lumpur. inside the kuala lumpur international airport right now nothing speaks of the horrible tragedy of thursday it works
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without disruptions this is different to the situation in march when the other malaysian airlines jet went missing relatives of those on board were literally beseeching the malaysian airlines offices back then they still had hope of seeing their loved ones alive. there's no chance of that for the families connected to thursday's tragedy over ukraine but what unites the two apparently different disasters is the fact there are far more questions than answers starting with the mh seventeen jets flight path. and didn't see by the local pool. it never. gets to plan. but if that route was safe and many other jets had flown it on the day why had several airlines decided to change their paths malaysian authorities claim the plane was flying on the set route but flight tracker data published online suggest the path could have been changed to three hundred kilometers further
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north. community. going to. carry. some carries. very safe flying. across ukraine but if the flight trajectory is more a matter of speculation right now one alteration it made has been officially confirmed as a flight. but. still we have to be and. indeed altitude changes on request is a common practice but the malaysian authorities have received no clarification as to why it was ordered on that day supposedly minutes before the jet went down most relatives of the passengers of m.h.
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seventeen have now gone to ukraine to identify the bodies a team of malaysian investigators is following them in the hope of shedding at least some light on this dark story. the reporting from kuala lumpur in malaysia. if it is proven that resistance fighters in east ukraine down the mh seventeen that it's a direct result of russia d. stabilizing a sovereign state and supporting anti government fighters well at least is the view of the british prime minister david cameron and the accusations started even before the beginning of any official investigation as guy nature can. before investigators made it to the crash site the u.s. announced to the world where the deadly missile shot came from evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by a surface to air missile that was launched from an area that is controlled by russian backed separatists inside of ukraine but the u.s. president stopped short of saying who pulled the trigger we don't know exactly what
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happened and yet u.s. officials all but to accuse the rebels in eastern ukraine and russia by association of having shut down the plane president obama based his suggestions on incidents of ukrainian military jets that the rebels recently shot out of the sky a group of separatists can shoot down. a military transport planes or they claim shoot down fighter jets without sophisticated equipment and sophisticated training and that is coming from russia russia says t.v. is responsible because it launched this military operation in eastern ukraine and the u.s. supported it moscow has also raised a number of questions for kiev to answer including why it hadn't closed the airspace over what was clearly a war zone the jim gray idea why did he create an air traffic controller send a passenger flights to an area of military clashes an area which was used to carry out strikes against civilian targets and where there were anti-aircraft systems
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operating all members of the u.n. security council including russia and the united states have called for a credible impartial investigation of the disaster it will take time before any results come through but the blame game is already in full swing down to check on washington d.c. . and a storm of accusations has been unleashed by the mainstream media which picked up on words coming from the u.s. i'm from kiev the blame was put on anti government forces amid claims they are being supported by moscow and the editor of the global media inc media channel daniel schecter he believes the war mongering is only going to make it all a lot worse many in the media in america are already blaming president putin personally for this as if he is responsible but without any evidence to back it up and of course the ukrainian president has blamed terrorists whoever they are . treating of accusations between the ukrainian military and the so-called
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separatists in the east of the ukraine obviously to needs to be some sort of a kind of ceasefire there and a real serious investigation if you want to get at the truth this is a very politically laced subject that really requires this passionate international investigation let's take a detailed look at the area where i'm age seventeen came down so if i can just bring you to the map here this right here is the little town where most of the debris has been found the plane came all the way from the northwest and flew basically almost entirely over the conflict zone includes two formal hotspots us libyans can come a tourist right there now major ukrainian outposts the crash site here is almost directly between the regional capital is all but gone yet. government forces have engaged in some of the fiercest fighting over there afterwards in fact. right here
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just kilometers away from the border with russia that's been shelled by the ukrainian army on numerous occasions and earlier this week in the neighboring town of. destroyed a residential building killing at least eleven people also if there is no conclusive evidence crane is claiming that government forces shot down the plane. accusations on several bits of information shortly after the jet went down in ukraine circulated what it called a leaked cold in which the opposition. firing on the plane a video released by kiev purports to show a book. system in eastern ukraine allegedly with one of its missiles missing and the plane crashed on territory controlled by the opposition claims is enough to implicate them despite the fact that ukrainian forces also have a very heavy presence in location. now lives have been lost this week in eastern
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ukraine that were not involved in the plane crash. after the break. from the crash site also. we look at. i want to. also. look at this. i need to play with this story a little. pricey some that i take. on the left me on the
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side. and i think. you know i'm basically sourcing the whole of the reporter and i want and i think there's a name for them all down upon the discussion of. do we speak your language or not at the end. we'll use programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you breaking news a little turn to angle stories. so you hear. the spanish find out more visit.
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thanks for joining us here on r.t. international this week ukrainian forces moved closer to the regional centers of east ukraine of course we're talking about don't yet and lugansk their approach though was mocked by the firing of massive artillery shells and the people of living their lives in the shadows of air raid sirens and shooting out on the streets at least sixteen civilians die in broad daylight dozens of buildings including a church were seriously damaged the total number of lives lost in the lugansk region since early june has now reached two hundred fifty and that's according to monitors from the organization for security and cooperation in europe and here's a guy on the russia ukraine border with the very latest updates from that area. residents of reported hearing air raid sirens again again last night and they're saying that fighting continues on the outskirts of the city now according to self-defense forces ukrainian troops are gaining ground to take over the road that
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is connecting the god's goodness but you see these that are essentially capitals of the two restive regions. varying wrong to off the assaults by the ukrainian army their city has been heavily hit its infrastructure damaged people are saying they're left without water electricity gas is also something they're finding a shortage off of course there are instances of people being hit in the middle of the day by artillery and mortar shells at one instance eight people have died when a shell has hit a. wall always the observers have said that two hundred fifty people have been killed since the beginning of june alone previously that number is given for civilian casualties for these hydration and conflict for both regions so now we can assume that that number is probably a lot higher than. it can be heard on the border between russia and ukraine with residents complaining about shells flying into their backyards essentially. because the sure that civilians are not going to be the. targets by ukrainian
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military nevertheless they seem to be bearing the brunt of the pressure and when exactly if this conflict is going to end is not yet clear with of course the world's attention being on the aftermath off the disaster of flight m.h. seventeen the fighting that doesn't seem to subside in southeastern ukraine goes on before. now this is done yet sco city that not too long ago was hosting matches in the euro two thousand and twelve football championship today there are holes in the walls mass broken windows and rockets as you can see sunken in the ground one of the buildings hit was a kindergarten and people there told us they have nowhere to go and feel helpless people school curriculum if you look at the shrapnel a giant shell landed here setting the place on fire and killing the people who lives here houses nearby was damaged this five story building was badly damaged the
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windows that go and lots of the authorities doing well kind of will thirty's are they i don't know want to do next to where to go. also this week the united states imposed a raft of new sanctions against major russian companies accusing moscow of failing to take action to deescalate the crisis in ukraine russia's a biggest oil producer also miffed along with a gas problem banker among those being targeted also on the list of the arms manufacturers out of kalashnikov and russia's second largest gas company nov attack just to give you an idea of the scale of some of these companies well rosneft is a vital contributor to the state budget generating over a hundred billion dollars in revenue annually and gazprom bank is the country's third largest bank it finances some of russia's most prominent energy projects these two along with several other firms and all forbidden from borrowing money on u.s. markets for periods longer than ninety days and here's how the russian president reacted to the move. as far as sanctions are
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concerned they usually have a boomerang effect like i've said before and they will eventually lead russian u.s. relations to a dead end and damaging them severely i'm also positive that these measures harm america's long term strategic interests and the interests of its people. the editor of business new europe magazine ben explain to us how the new sanctions could impact russia's economy. they seem to be very targeted at a few companies and specifically this is a significant scaling up because these are financial sanctions until now it's been aimed mainly at individuals and their personal assets in reality as i understand companies can still be trading because they'll be doing business in the u.s. you sound like there's trying to find a tricky sort of path between on the one hand punishing russia and on the other hand maintaining the businesses that are here because you have a huge business lobby both in america and particularly in europe who are invested in making most of the profits here and the european partners are putting
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a lot of pressure on the states you know to to keep it contained to back off so that they don't lose any money so if you've got someone like gazprom bank saying that actually they're not going to change the way they operate then is the sanction really effective it's not effective in so much as it doesn't really do much economic damage but it is effective because psychologically you know all the all the sanctions have been posed who has very little economic damage directly but the psychological effect is enormous i mean the ruble has already tanked today the stock market is sort of by five percent you know there's billions and billions of dollars destroyed and the threat that more sanctions will come has created this environment of uncertainty which means companies can't raise money they can't invest you have massive capital flight what about brezhnev huge russian oil producer a lot of ties in europe and america will they be affected much by this this is the billion dollar multibillion dollar question because at the moment and last night in london trying to find finance money to pay off the deal at the same time they have
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an enormous investment projects in the arctic together with. the government here has already started suggesting that maybe that deal will be off which will have an american company very badly is an enormous deal. but the sanctions as they are at the moment means they can trade with rosner can do business with rosneft so in theory the project can go ahead in terms of the. financial impact upon russia. i mean there's obviously what u.s. would like to do here is they want to punish russia and they want to suffer big financial loss if you think long term not actually help but there's no investment going into russia either domestic or foreign and that's really doing a lot of damage because russia needs that investment to recover to grow and with this uncertainty this is happens for certainty that's been created that's stopping the investment and until that passes russia will be suffering badly because of lack of investment and can't get back on you and you know like you said the
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effectiveness of these current sanctions because people are afraid there might be more coming do you think we'll see them and if so when. i don't know when but. yes i mean this certainly on the cards to say that the significance of these sanctions is you've gone from punishing individuals friends to corporate entities and you've used a financial mechanism and that's very scary for investors washington's zeal is not being matched fully across europe despite personal calls from barack obama brussels has so far only decided to suspend funding for future joint russia european projects dr richard wellings from the institute of economic affairs he says that's because the e.u. has an awful lot to lose. e.u. russian trade is about ten times the size of u.s. russian trades that clearly they're potentially massive losses from the e.u. imposing too stringent sanctions on russia particularly given the huge dependence on russian energy importing countries towards the sort of eastern side of the
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european union so there's a big difference in emphasis and i think. the e.u. still at this stage of gesture politics where it's trying to if you like to please the americans but do as little as possible in reality so i think i think really we're not going to see. your much action from the they'll try and get away with as little as possible without really upsetting the white house. thank you for sharing your sunday with us here on r.t. international one of the worst crashes in the history of the moscow metro shook the capital on tuesday this week three subway cars derailed after coming to an abrupt stop during the morning rush hour more than twenty people were killed one hundred fifty hospitalized some are still in intensive care here's are some footage for you of the aftermath. here. i. go. i think.
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it took emergency workers three days to remove the wreckage and carry out repairs allowing traffic on the metro line to resume one eyewitness accounts the accident with. the i was thrown into the air there was blood on the floor heads some people had broken ribs and one person was injured all in all people were hysterical we started to get out we saw a door in the tunnel wall men eventually broke that door and we saw workers constructing a parallel town they helped us to get out. there were a number of theories of how a decade old railway section became the scene of such a deadly accident so far investigators believe a faulty switch was to blame all to metro workers have been detained over safety
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breaches. or are still ahead for you on r.t. international the latest on israel's incursion into gaza as more and more people continue to lose their lives before that though a breakdown of the week's business in venture capital here's katie. if there were no way over. a. clue.